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GFRC has been in the business for more than 20 years with a team of experienced on-staff engineers ready to tackle any technical challenge. Below are the core tenants and advantages of our business strategy.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is utilized on the back of our wall panels for several reasons:

  • The GFRC is comprised of concrete slurry and glass fiber cut in 2" lengths. GFRC contains 5% glass by weight. This % of glass content cannot be achieved through a conventional mixer. It can only be achieved through a manual spray process in which the glass fiber is introduced to the slurry.
  • A layer of GFRC on the back of each wall panel provides uniform reinforcement across the entire concrete panel.
  • The layer of GFRC has compressive strength of 10-12,000 psi and ultimate flexural strength of 2000 psi. The 1/2" layer of GFRC contributes to:
    • The highest levels of bullet resistance for 2" - 4" precast concrete thickness.
    • Significantly improved wall insulating values.
    • Significantly improved fire resistance value.
    • High wind resistance.
    • Improved seismic resistance.
    • Blast resistance, 1 psi to 6 psi dependent upon design and building size.
  • We also use the properties of the GFRC to connect a welded steel frame with vertical members every 2' to the backside of every concrete wall.

The welded steel frame is slightly oversized to the concrete panel. The top and bottom vertical members of the steel frame are welded to the weld plates implanted in the roof and floor of every building.

There is as a result a guaranteed ground connection of all steel in the entire building, roof, walls and floor.

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