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GFRC Shelters can provide a concrete building in any configuration.
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GFRC Shelters benefits over its concrete competitors:
  • Floor has been calculated as high as 1,100 psf concentrated load on full foundation. Roof has been calculated as high as 300 psf live load capability
  • GFRC normal exterior aggregate appearance is superior to all
  • GFRC normal insulation in floor, roof and walls is superior to all
  • GFRC wall structural values are dependably derived from rectangular steel tubing in the walls
  • GFRC normal walls with nominal change in steel tubing are strong enough to be calculated at blast resistant and tornado resistant levels
  • GFRC interior wall is 3/4″ plywood attached to rectangular steel tubing. With no changes at all, the interior walls are capable of supporting high wall loads including transformers, VDCs, cable tray loads and more.
  • GFRC interior ceiling is 3/4″ plywood attached to 2×4’s anchored to concrete beams. With no changes at all, the interior ceiling is capable of supporting very high cable tray loads
  • GFRC interior electrical is completed by licensed electricians
  • GFRC structural warranty is 10 years
  • GFRC walls are capable of having doors, cable entrances, air conditioners and other wall openings closer to corners, roofs and floors than any of its competitors
  • GFRC walls are more flexible in terms of change during manufacturing or on-site than the walls of any of its competitors

Concrete building typical drawings:

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