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GFRC has always met or exceeded my expectations, from production, to service after delivery. They are large enough to deliver in the large projects, yet small enough to take a personal interest in their customer's every need. GFRC has performed exceedingly well during periods where my project plans required a large number of shelters to be produced and delivered in a short period of time. This was accomplished without a sacrifice in quality, attention to detail, or enthusiasm.

In my view, contracting with GFRC Shelters is not contracting with a vendor; it is adding a valuable group of professionals to my project team. GFRC is a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to working with them again in the near future.


Chris Calhoun Splitrock Services, Inc.

Emerson Telecom Systems has worked with GFRC Shelters on a number of projects over the last few years, and has been consistently impressed with the product features and performance, as well as the service level support received from all levels within the company.

The management of GFRC views its product performance and customer service as a direct reflection of their personnel integrity. This is most clearly evident in a visit with customers to the GFRC facility. Bob and his team understand how important the responsibility is to satisfy a customer, and will personally do anything that is required. I am very confident in my recommendation of GFRC shelters.


Stephen J Blakemore Officer, Emerson Telecom Systems

GFRC Shelters is our "vendor of choice" for construction of concrete & steel equipment storage building, structure offloading, set-up and maintenance.

They have been selected due to their on-going development of customer specific designs, flexibility of scheduling, and field service expertise.


Wayne Landry IT Consultant Engineer
Entergy Corporation

El Paso and GFRC Shelters have been working together over the course of the last 13 years. We plan to continue this strong business relationship due to many factors illuminated below.

There are several factors, above and beyond the quality products GFRC Shelters builds for El Paso, that contribute to why we have done business with them yesterday and fully plan to continue to do business with them into future. If I were to sum up what GFRC Shelters means to El Paso, that could be done in one word: Integrity!

The overall quality of the buildings has also been a hallmark of buildings manufactured by GFRC Shelters. We have never had any maintenance problems with any of the buildings GFRC Shelters has built. GFRC Shelters does an excellent job of customizing the buildings per our ever-changing requirements - which allows El Paso to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Chuck Gipe El Paso Corporation

I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent work and equipment that your company provided for the Ogden Microwave Site.

The GFRC building is a favorite with our technicians and design engineers. Mike Plyes (GFRC Project Manager) also provided field support that was beyond any I have experience with other service companies.

I feel that GFRC’s customer service skills are sensational. I really appreciate the consistent efforts from you and GFRC.

Edward R. Wells, P.E., MBA Ed Wells Engineering


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and GFRC Shelters for your support throughout the past year. The level of your dedication and support is only surpassed by the excellence of your product. It has been my pleasure to work with you and your company and look forward to future endeavors.


Joseph Kraus AT&T Wireless

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